Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092
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Matthew 16:24
then said Jesus unto His disciples
"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me".
Music:  "Hillbilly Deluxe" by Brooks & Dunn

August 11th Event:  2nd Annual Jerry P. Lackey Memorial Car Show, Covenant Church, Lincolnton, NC     08-11-18
On Saturday August 11th, the Cross Members Club was proud to honor one of its' founding members as we gathered at Covenant Church in Lincolnton, NC to participate in the 2nd ​Annual Jerry P. Lackey Memorial Car Show.  This outstanding show organized by Jerry's loving family, was a great tribute to an exceptional Godly man.  Jerry loved The Lord and had a passion for classic cars - especially his GTO - aka "The Goat".   Many very fine cars turned out to help honor this great man of our community.   Jerry requested in his will that his family organize this car show to fund a scholarship for a deserving youth from our community.  The family did a magnificent job honoring his wishes.   Cross Members was honored to be a part of this outstanding memorial event.   Club members Scott & Lisa Rabideau received recognition for their 1928 Royal Purple Model A Tudor Street Rod, taking home "The Best Interior" trophy. as well as a Top 25 Award.  Once again the Rabideau's beautiful Model A showed well and followed last year's "Best in Show" award with these two distinguished awards.  

​​Following a threat of rain throughout the morning, the weather cooperated, and the campus of Jerry's home church was turned into a sea of beautiful cars.  I feel confident everyone efforts would have pleased Jerry very much. 

In attendance:  Michael & Beverly Moore;  Randy & Margie Thetford;  Joe & Deanie Morris;  Terry Edwards;  Paul Haynes;  Randy & Pam Poole;   Scott & Lisa Rabideau; Lavell Hall;  Rick & Carol Walker
2019 Cross Member Club Event Summaries
October Event:  Picnic In The Park, Dan Nicholas Park, Concord, NC  10-20-18
Due to inclement weather, this event was unfortunately cancelled.  


December Event:  Christmas Dinner, Sagebrush Steakhouse, Denver, NC   12-06-18
On Thursday, December 6th, the Cross Members Car Club gathered at Sagebrush Steakhouse for the final event of the 2018 calendar year.  No doubt, this final event was our most significant event - as we gathered to celebrate our Savior's birth.  The Cross Members Car Club gathered once again for our annual Christmas meal.   This is always the last event of the year for our club.  It provides an opportunity to reflect on events of the past driving season, enjoy the fellowship of our club members, give thanks for the blessings we all enjoy, and most importantly pause to remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas  -  the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.    Thanks to Sagebrush Steakhouse of Denver, NC for hosting our group.  Everyone enjoyed a great meal and good fellowship as we closed our fifth year of existence.  
​In attendance:  Terry & Jane Edwards;  Paul & Cecila Haynes;  Lavell Hall;  Joe & Deanie Morris;  Mike & Beverly Moore;  ​​​​​Scott & Lisa Rabideau;  Max, Susan & Michael Hamilton;  Rick & Carol Walker;  Randy & Pam Poole;  Kevin Coffey
December 5th Event:  Christmas Dinner, Hesed House / Lincolnton, NC  12-05-16
Webster defines "Hesed" as Hebrew for ​lovingkindness.  Hesed is the idea of faithful love in action.  Often in the Old Testament, Hesed refers to God's lovingkindness expressed in His covenant relationship with Israel.  God's lovingkindness is persistent with unconditional tenderness, kindness, and mercy.  It's a relationship in which He seeks after man with love and mercy. 

​​​In celebration of Christ's birth, the Cross Members Car Club gathered at the Hesed House, the homeless shelter of Lincoln County, on Monday evening, December 5th at 6pm.   Christmas 2014 saw our club begin a tradition of sharing a Christmas meal together.  In keeping with the tradition, it was decided 2015's meal would be a little different, a little more significant, a little more meaningful.   The Cross Members Club decided to share a covered dish Christmas meal with the clients of  Hesed House.  It was decided that our club would have this event as our annual Christmas gathering.    As always, this event was well attended by club members and an overabundance of delicious food was provided.  The clients as well as our club members enjoyed a time of fellowship, food and a short devotional.  Joining our group for the meal and providing the devotional was Pastor Eric Reece of Boger City United Methodist Church.  Many club members also donated rain gear (ponchos, umbrellas, hand-warmers, toboggans, mittens etc.) to assist the clients as the need arises. 

These acts of faithful love in action is what sharing the Christmas spirit is about.  As we busy our lives making preparations for the celebration of a Savior's birth, let us always remember to pause to give thanks to our God for our overabundance of blessings.  Most important of which, the greatest gift the world has ever received - Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Cross Members
 is thankful for the opportunity to share the many blessings God has entrusted to us.  As always, the blessing was in the giving.   

​In attendance:  Don & Carolyn Brafford, Rick Walker, ​Joe & Deanie Morris, Max Hamilton, Lavell Hall, Kevin & Lanelle Coffey, Tim & Debbie Edwards, Terry & Jane Edwards, Robbie & Donna Scates, Vicki Lackey  Guest:  Pastor Eric Reece
September Event:  Scotty's Hometown Grill Cruise-In, Taylorsville,  NC  09-22-18
​​The afternoon of Saturday, September 22, 2018 had the Cross Members Car Club embark on a scenic trip from Lincolnton to Taylorsville, NC to participate in the Scotty's Hometown Grill Cruise-in.  Following a leisurely drive through the country, the club arrived in Taylorsville.   Waiting for the group at the site were our host for the day, Cross Members Scott & Lisa Rabideau.  The club proceeded to positioned their cars amid the 100 plus cars in attendance.  This well attended event, occurs each 4th Saturday of the driving season at Scotty's. 

​​To avoid the Saturday dinner rush at Scotty's, our group of 13 decided on an early dinner, putting in a request for a table at 4:00pm.  As we always do, the club enjoyed a delicious meal together, as well as an enjoyable time of fellowship.  Joining our group for the meal and the outing were four members of  Scott & Lisa Rabideau's family.   Also joining the group briefly for the afternoon, was Deanie Morris' niece, her husband and their son.  It was a pleasure meeting these extended family members and welcoming them to our outing.  

After the meal, the group found its way back the cars and the lawn chairs, for a relaxing time of conversation, laughter and fellowship.   Once again Cross Members enjoyed a great afternoon together, while being in the midst of a sea of beautiful old vehicles.   ​​

In attendance: Michael & Beverly Moore;  Joe  & Deanie Morris & extended family;  Randy & Pam Poole;  Lavell Hall;  Scott & Lisa Rabideau & extended family; Chris Cook
May 18th Event:  Crosspointe Baptist Church Veteran Car Show & Recognition  05-18-19
On Saturday morning, May 18th, Cross Members Car Club kicked off its' seventh year of existence by taking part in the Crosspointe Baptist Church Veteran Benefit Car Show and Recognition event.  Crosspointe Baptist is the home church of Cross Members Tim & Debbie Edwards.  The Edwards are active members of Crosspointe and play major roles in the organization and adminisration of this event.  The event was blessed with great weather which helped in having over 130 cars participate.   Beautiful cars of all makes and models were on display throughout the church campus.   Free hotdogs, chips, drinks and desserts were offered to all particpants.  Following the car show, we were treated to an amazing patriotic program recognizing our country's veterans.  The Piedmont Singing Men blessed the attendees with numerous patriotic songs.  It was truly a moving recognition of the brave men and women that protect our freedoms.  Following the program, the car show awards were distributed.  Cross Members Don Brafford with his '51 Mercury, and Tim Edwards with his '55 Chevy won top 30 in the show awards.  Congratulations to these members.  Joining us for the first time in their 1958 Chevy Impala were prospective members  Gayle and Brian Ridge.   We look forward to having the Ridges join us on future outings in 2019.  ​  

In attendance:  Joe Morris;  Michael Moore;  Lavell Hall;  Scott & Lisa Rabideau;  Jane & Terry Edwards;  Tim and Debbie Edwards;   Don Brafford.​  Prospective members:  Gayle & Brian Ridge
May 20th Event:  Cross Member's Annual "Toy Car Cookout"  @ Daniel's Lutheran Church       05/20/18
In keeping with the Cross Member's tradition, the club kicked off the 2018 driving season with the annual "Toy Car" cookout at Daniel's Lutheran Church in Lincolnton, NC.  The Sunday afternoon events began with a short trip through the country to the home church of Cross Members, Terry and Jane Edwards.  There we were warmly welcomed by our host for the afternoon.  Following prayer by Mr. Edwards, we were served a fantastic meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, chips, coconut cake, and a southern favorite - banana pudding.   Following the delicious meal, we relaxed in the lounge area of Daniel's Youth Center and shared memories of our first cars - stories of how we came to own our first cars, stories of cars we wish we had never sold, and memorable courting dates in our cars.  Most importantly, we also shared words of thanks to Lord and Savior for bestowing and making possible all that we have  -  our families, our provisions, our "toys", as well as our very being.  As always, the first event of the year is special as we see club members that we've missed over the winter months.  A very special thanks to our cook for the day, Mr. Bud Phillips, a member of Daniel's Lutheran.  Bud a very skilled chef, ​volunteered to join our group for the day and lend a helping hand on the grill.  Once again, the summer driving season kicked-off in "high gear."  Thanks to the Edwards for their hospitality  in hosting our group.  A special thanks to the members of Daniel's Lutheran Church for opening their doors and allowing us to use their facilities.  

In attendance:  Michael & Beverly Moore;  Tim & Debbie Edwards;  Randy & Margie Thetford;  Joe & Deanie Morris;  Rick & Carol Walker;  Terry & Jane Edwards & guest Bud Phillips;  Lavell Hall;  Pam & Randy Poole;  Kevin & Lanelle Coffey
June 10 Event:  Worship Service at First Presbyterian Church of Cherryville, NC          06/10/18
On Sunday, June 10, 2018, Cross Members gathered for worship at the home church of Rick & Carol Walker, First Presbyterian Church of Cherryville, NC.  We were welcomed to this beautiful sanctuary, featuring a stone exterior, by the Reverend ​Dr. Billy T. Lowe as well as a number of the members.  Following acknowledgement of the club's visit, worship service began and included beautiful hymns and an inspiring message entitled, "Shine Like Stars", taken from the book of Philippians.   Following service, a number of the members of First Presbyterian came out to the parking lot to take a look at the "toys".  Following this brief visit, the group headed over to Parkway Grill of Cherryville for lunch.  This Sabbath Day was an inspiring day of worship and fellowship.  

In attendance:  Mike & Beverly Moore;  Rick & Carol Walker;  Joe & Deanie Morris;  Randy Poole;  Max & Susan​​ Hamilton & Michael;  Terry & Jane Edwards & grandsons Grant, Carter, & Nash;  Lavell Hall